Which are our interests?

That depends in the people and the time, but if you ask us right now: programming languages, type systems, Development tools, Teaching and Researching.
For a depth look we invite you to look around our projects summary and contact any of us if you are interested!

Which technologies do we prefer?

We are very curious and we like to experiment with a lot of things, each project is free to use the technology desired or a mix or whatever it wants.
But it’s true that we have our favorites... so far the time says that we really enjoy Pharo and Scala, but we keep our minds open to anything new :)

Who integrates Uqbar?

Basically everyone who shares our interests, who likes to contribute and efforts to improve day by day.

Everything is very nice... but if I want to contact someone?

Just send an email to our mailing list: <TO COMPLETE> or if you are shy send an email to any of us.

How can I participate?

Uqbar is an on going project and we are always happy to welcome new people who wants to contribute.
These are the ways we know:
  • Contribute with a specific project
  • Give feedback about the current projects
  • Propose an idea
  • Present a new subject
  • Give a lecture
  • Help in this site
  • Translate what we wrote
  • Help in the organization
  • Make a donation
And we are sure that there are a lot of ways to integrate Uqbar, just we haven’t got the experience yet, so if you like computer science, you have good intentions, and you like what you saw, do not hesitate to contact us and we will see what can be done!