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Physical User Interfaces

Oradores: Alfredo Sanzo y Gastón Pinat

There are several software applications that need to interact with the real world using physical components such as relays, sensors, leds, etc. An application of this kind was built for this work using Pharo as an OO environment and Arduino as micro-controller able to manage such physical devices. This led to a discussion about division of responsibilities between Pharo -which was thought as a server- and Arduino -the client-. These Architectural decisions were framed under MVC/MVP theory, thus narrowing both sides communication issues down to a view problem. As a result, the rest of the application concerns were solved without any additional effort.. Finally, the concept of Physical User Interface was introduced as an analogy to Graphical User Interface. The application is consequently able to be used in three ways: with a graphical interface, with a physical interface, or with both together.

Link al proyecto: Physical User Interfaces